Gold Coast Home Tutors


Established in 2001, EduKtors is a Gold Coast Tutoring Agency. We offer an at home tutoring service across all areas of the Gold Coast, covering all aspects of education and curriculum.

EduKtors provides one-on-one tutoring for Preparatory, Primary, Secondary and University students by
Qualified Teachers and Tutors.

home tutors servicing all areas of the gold coast

Student programs are designed to meet the individual needs and differences of each student. We do not run with a ‘one program fits all’ approach, but rather consider the specific learning needs of the students.

We aim to help each student reach their personal best by providing them with every opportunity to learn and achieve.

If you are looking for home tutoring from a reliable, local Gold Coast business, don't hesitate in contacting us.

Give us a call to discuss your tutoring needs:

0419 719 463